Shoot safe, with all the guarantees and services.

We manage exterior and interior locations. Maximum speed in permits and everything you need to shoot your project with maximum security.

villages , forests, snow, caves, solar plants,factories, abandoned and singular buildings, lakes, rivers, bridges, mansions, fields, stone constructions, sport facilities,museums, design houses, wineries, restaurants, hotels, riding clubs, spas, castles, roads, basements, hidden routes, unknown places, quiet spaces, fish farms, dams, tunnels, abandoned villages and everything you can imagine…is in Lleida.


COVID-Free Security

We guarantee maximum security for your crew throughout the filming time. Disinfection plans for the locations, management and security control.

Quick permits

We manage urban and rural spaces. Thanks to our contacts with public and private companies we can mange filming permits as fast as possible.  We also manage secure transportation for your crew.

Great communications

We guarantee facilities in rural surroundings, near AVE Train Station and highway AP2

Personalized attention

Tell us your needs and in less than 72 hours we will send you a budget that will adapt to your requirements.

Work at ease and safe

You will save on production costs, you can work in a quiet and amazing environment. Whether in rural or urban, indoor or outdoor, you will enjoy greater discretion and security. You can have auxiliary production services, fully equipped industrial warehouses, with safe areas.


Let yourself be guided by us. Gain more time and peace of mind.

Tell us what you need

  • Advanced disinfection of exterior and interior locations and adaptation and preparation of locations.
  • Personalized budget.
  • Management of locations, spaces and services to carry out your activity.
  • Management of public and private permits.
  • Establish a safe sanitary perimeter that delimits the shooting area.
  • Equipment sanitary access control. Providing the necessary material to guarantee security.
  • Cleaning and disinfection protocol on set.
  • Sanitation statement.
  • Rent of industrial warehouses and temporary offices to locate production office or sets.
  • Crew transportation management.
  • Covid-Free Hosting.
  • Catering service that guarantees food safety. Organic and local food.

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