Jonàs Colomes was a famous epidemiologist who advised the government on possible outbreaks of viruses and bacteria. On March 11, 2020, he went to the Pyrenees and never returned. There was no trace of him, so it was considered a voluntary disappearance. His sister Anna Colomes, a police officer, never believed the official version of the events because Jonàs was expecting a child. Anna decides to start an investigation on her own. In full quarantine, through a colleague, she receives some news. A call from a stranger, using his brother’s cell phone, called 911 asking for help. The geolocation places the phone in an old mansion lost in the woods. Anna will start a time trial search to find out what has happened to her brother, from your house you will be able to help her. Do you accept the challenge?


During the game you will be in contact with Anna Colomes and helping her to solve all the new information that you will come across. She is one of the only people who can get out from home to go to work. Using all the possible social networks, websites, forums, etc., you will have to solve puzzles, know who to trust and make decisions to find her brother. What Anna does not know is that behind the mysterious disappearance there is a great conspiracy that has been running since ancient times. Prepare your computer, your tablet, your mobile or both devices and sign up to solve one of the most disturbing cases ever.


Pentargo Quarantine is a multiplatform game with which you will need to play through various existing resources (Facebook, Twitter, URLs etc). You can play with as many friends/family members as you want, from your homes. You will have to share the secret key word with them, otherwise they could be banned from the game. It is very important that before starting to play, you read all the instructions and all the frequent doubts that you will find once the payment has been made. We do not intend to get rich with 2.5 € and we trust in the good will of the people. You can play as many people as you like each of you from your house. We want to donate part of the money to healthcare, to buy masks and medical supplies, especially in rural areas. Thank you very much and we hope you enjoy it.

It is important that you save your purchase code, because it can be requested at any time during the game, it will appear in an email that you will receive once the  payment has been made.
It is important that you choose a secret key word to be able to give you technical support during the game. If you don’t have your secret key word, you can be kicked out of the game.

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